November 2005 – Muchhala's World A Scam ???

After my post on the direct registration link for here’s another one on it. After i found the way for direct registration to, I found this bit of Intresting Stuff. This was there on Broadband Reports A blog, msx exposed, created to document any shady dealings by a game “cheat” service called MSX, […]

Direct Registration for the mail provider giving a whooping mail box of 30GB requires invites for sign up. But i found a way by which i reqistered to it without an Invite. The process is a piece of cake and u gotta do nothing. Read ON for the process:

Ubuntu 5.10 CDs Recieved

Well I received my Ubuntu 5.10 CDs without any fuss this time around. The postman just delivered it to me without any fuss. Last time around I had a big mess because I had ordered 25 CDs and had to go through hell 🙁 See what I went through last time around here This time […]

Bismillah Hir Rehmaan Nir Rahim

Its said, always start with the name of Allah 🙂 I am starting this as a fresh new blog. One Can View my Old Blog @ Update:The blog address has been changed again to

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