June 2006 – Muchhala's World

I Got more RAM

Yes finally after 6 years of using the same configuration, I have added a new parts to my PC (i.e. when replacing the packed up keyboard and mouse is not counted). The new parts are a 256 MB SDRAM (Rs. 1500) and a Cabinet Fan (Rs. 50). This means I now have a total of […]

Opera 9 Final Released!!!

Opera today has released the final version of its desktop browser, Opera 9. Opera 9 presents a significant upgrade over previous versions of the browser in both features and more importantly better site compatibility. Some of the notable new features introduce in Opera 9 include Content blocking (A.K.A An ad blocker), Widgets, BitTorrent support, and […]

Football takes over Cricket

For the first time ever I have seen the Indian Media give football more coverage than cricket. TV shows dedicated only to cricket are giving previews and reviews to the world cup, out of the 4 pages of sports 3 for the Fifa World Cup and the 1 page had all other sports news just […]

I Got Microsoft Office 2007 Beta2 Running

OH yes I did get Microsoft Office 2007 Beta2 running on my 6 year old PC with a meagre 64 MB RAM. And the best part is that I find it running more efficiently and faster than Office 2003, that’s really commendable to Microsoft for not making Office 2007 a bloat ware. But still the […]

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Released

Download: http://www.ubuntu.com/download Free CDs: https://shipit.ubuntu.com/ On 1st June 2006 the Ubuntu Community released versions 6.06 LTS of Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu & Xubuntu. All these the are Long Term Support or LTS meaning they will be supported for atleast 3 years for desktop (upto 1 June 2009) and 5 years for the server (upto 1 June […]

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