A very special thanks to…

This post is dedicated to Prasad Balan Iyer, my former clasmate and a true friend. And if you are wondering why, then its just because he made the great header for the blog, the earlier one was just a rip off from my friend Gurdit’s Blog, with my louzy editing in MS Paint. Actually he had made it on Sunday itself, but just me, too lazy to put it up.

OH and just how good a person he is, he made this GIF image, which has a freaking 63 frames and is 1 MB in size, and that too made while his exams are on.

(Click On the Image)

OH and that reminds me Best of Luck PBI (or as a matter of fact, to anyone who has his/her exams ON)

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Man Prasad you desrve it, it’s really good

Well the person, who discovered is a very dumb guy, and, destiny had it that he had to be born on the same day as I was, and somehow his name is same as yours. Strange things do happen in this world!!!

A friend in need is a friend indeed

I need a favor from you now …… add me to your blogroll.Check out my site and if you do not like it …’s ok if you do not agree to add me.
But on a New Year’s eve i know u won’t sa NO.
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