Comments Closed on Older Posts

Hi folks,

A tiny update that I am closing all comment forms on post older than say maybe 3 months or so. The reason is that, no one comments on posts older than 3 months as most of you, have read it and commented if you felt like. So, anyone still reading them are probably here via search engines and hardly anyone has any comments on it. The only comments I get on these posts is by spam bots on all things ranging from loans to viagra to porn sites, which thankfull get caught by WordPress’s Akismet Spam Filter. So by simple logic, it makes more sense to close the comments form on all the older blog posts.

So, if you wanted to say something about anything on one of the posts where I have closed comments, don’t fret, you can simply leave one on anyother post where the comments form is open, or maybe just send me an email on mohammed [at] muchhala [dot] in (Just remove ths spaces and replace [at] with @ and [dot] with . Gosh have to do so much to stay clear of those pesky spammers.)

UPDATE (10/March/2007): All comments are now Open again. (Click here to know why.)


A Verry Happy New Year

Wishing all of You a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2007

A very special thanks to…

This post is dedicated to Prasad Balan Iyer, my former clasmate and a true friend. And if you are wondering why, then its just because he made the great header for the blog, the earlier one was just a rip off from my friend Gurdit’s Blog, with my louzy editing in MS Paint. Actually he had made it on Sunday itself, but just me, too lazy to put it up.

OH and just how good a person he is, he made this GIF image, which has a freaking 63 frames and is 1 MB in size, and that too made while his exams are on.

(Click On the Image)

OH and that reminds me Best of Luck PBI (or as a matter of fact, to anyone who has his/her exams ON)


Lucky Shave…

I got this as a forward yesterday, and thought was good enough to share.

So here’s one reason, why you shouldn’t cross Railway Tracks.

Hope the couple here got their lesson, and you too (if you too cross like that)

P.S.: This is my first blog post with a video in it.


Offline Messages in Google Talk

Yes folks it’s true. Google Talk now finally supports Offline Messaging (Official Blog Entry). Let’s just hope that the uber cool Google Chat emoticons are also ported into GTalk.

If you send somebody an Offline Message via Google Talk, the message will be received when they sign into Google Talk/Gmail. In Google Talk it appears as a normal message from a friend, whereas in Gmail it appears as a new Message.

OH yes there’s a catch. You only get this feature when you use Google Talk with a Gmail Account and that too with Save Chat History Enabled. Also if you were chatting off the record before your friend went offline, you’ll need to select Stop chatting off the record before sending offline messages.a href=””